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The final edit

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 2, 2018

4/26: I’ve been futzing around with my manuscript “The Death of David Pickett” for the past several days, working and reworking my editor’s corrections and comments. But there’s only so much I can do before I acknowledge I’ve done all I can. So I’ve just sent the “final” document to my editor for a last read-through.

5/2: “The Death of David Pickett” (TDDP) project started when I realized that a longish story I’d already written could be repurposed and reconfigured as a prequel to my novel, 1% Free. TDDP would then be formatted into a digital book and given away for free en mass to publicize and promote the novel. Since that decision TDDP has been rewritten a dozen times, given to select readers to evaluate, submitted to an editor for developmental and line edits, and rewritten several more times.

I got the final read through from my editor last weekend, worked on it for the past few days, and finally declared it finished this morning. Initially, my editor pointed out that one relationship in the story was so undeveloped as to be farcical. She advised that I somehow make my readers care about the relationship. But when I rewrote the relationship putting the necessary depth into it, my editor didn’t like the direction I’d taken matters into and commented she didn’t understand why I still wanted the relationship in the story at all.

At first I was taken aback, and a little miffed. My editor was vocal about what she didn’t like with the revised relationship but not how to fix it. Did she suggest I rewrite the entire story to eliminate the problematic relationship in question? But her editing job was done. I reexamined her comments and realized that part of the relationship’s problem was that it stood alone, apart from the story’s other themes and plot lines. I rewrote the relationship once again and connected it up to the rest of the story, its plot and characters. That should take care of the problem.

Tonight, I’m attending our 6-week-on/6-week-off Finishing School to further chart my course for the TDDP project. One thing’s certain, I will continue to rewrite the manuscript up until I submit it for the final copyediting, just before I pour it into digital pdf/ebook formats. The writing and rewriting are the fun part, the rest is just getting the job done.

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