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Three Excerpts from 1% Free by G.A. Matiasz

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on March 14, 2017

excerpts together 2I have three free PDF excerpts from my novel “1% Free. “The first is entitled “A Galactic Derive” and offers a glossary of terms to help the reader navigate the world of 2042.
#1 A Galactic Dérive

The second is entitled “Salvage Run,” which introduces the main character Becky Wiley in a blaze of glory, a firefight in which she recovers a mysterious artifact.
#2 Salvage Run

The third is entitled “Black Widow Mouth,” wherein the main character Jimmy Hidalgo chases a seriel killer who murdered his best friend.
#3 Black Widow Mouth

Share and enjoy!

Please feel free to copy and distribute these files as widely as possible.

Print-On-Demand $18.95 Ebook $6.99


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New Maps of Hell — 2042

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on December 15, 2017

FREE — New Maps of Hell — 2042

A four-color brochure predicting what the United States, and the world, will be like in 2042, 25 years from now. Included:

• Outside Cover: Front cover art plus description of countrywide and worldwide changes in the next 25 years and brief explanation of the title “1% Free.”

• Inside First Fold: 9 full color maps of Europe, Indian subcontinent, and southeast Asia in 1910, 1935, and 1960 indicating vast changes 25 years can make.

• Inside Second Fold: black & white map of continental United States depicting extent of social breakdown and second civil war by 2042.

To get this FREE brochure, please send me an email with your name, mailing address, and return email to gamatiasz (at) icloud (dot) com and you will receive the brochure FREE via snail mail.

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Winnowing the Wheat from the Chaff

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on November 26, 2017

I’ve written and published two books in twenty-two years. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to complete a third book before I die. In light of that, I’ve gone through several score of potential story ideas at various stages of development–from basic idea to completed rough draft–in my word processing program Scrivener, winnowing wheat from chaff to select out a handful of candidates to work on.

I’ve come up with four possibilities, all science fiction. Two are completed rough drafts of novelettes (7,500-17,499 words) I could try to boost up to novella length (17,500-39,999 words). One is set in a post-apocalyptic far future where the main character, an ex-soldier with various biological military upgrades, meets up with someone who claims to be her brother. The second is a time travel/alternate universe story premised on the early, complete assassination of Lenin in an alternate time line.

I also have two promising ideas for full-length novels (40,000+ words), neither of which are anywhere near completion however. One is set entirely in 1968, the year I got politics, which has the main character traveling around to various iconic/historic events, with a sci-fi twist. The second is near-future science fiction in which neanderthals haven’t gone extinct but live secretly amid regular humans on the verge of self-extinction.

The incomplete novels would take a lot of time to finish, but they have the greatest potential story-wise. The novelettes would require extensive rewrites, but they’re basically done. My plan is to concentrate on these four pieces. Which will be difficult because I always have fiction stories in reserve, like two possible, incomplete sequels to my latest novel. One is set five years after the current book, the other a century later, and both are novelette/novella in length. Also, in addition to the archive of fiction ideas and snippets archived in Scrivener, I’m coming up with new ideas all the time. I’ll continue to write my non-fiction MRR columns, of course, but narrowing my focus in the fiction realm seems best.

I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

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Blogroll update

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on November 10, 2017

I’ve updated this site’s extended blogroll to delete five non-functioning links. Not bad for ten years of personal blogging. As always, please let me know if you find any other dead links.

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A GALACTIC DÉRIVE–entry by entry

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on October 29, 2017

Facebook has made blogs, if not obsolete, at the very least less relevant. Here is my “Interstitial Materials #14 — A Galactic Dérive” entry by entry:

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Posted by G.A. Matiasz on June 20, 2017

The full PDF excerpt of the “A Galactic Dérive” glossary:

“A GALACTIC DÉRIVE,” Interstitial Materials #14 excerpted from 1% FREE by G.A. MATIASZ

PDF download: A Galactic Dérive

1% FREE POD $18.95

1% FREE ebook $6.99

#onepercentfree #gamatiasz #sciencefiction #62miles #62milepress #galacticderive #selfpublishing

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1% FREE ebook now only $6.99

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on April 29, 2017

As of May 1, the ebook for my novel 1% FREE will be $6.99. I don’t need to maximize sales or move units. What I need is to get more people to read my book. To do that I’m making the digital version cheaper. You can order the ebook here, and you can always purchase a Print-On-Demand book here for $18.95.

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Jon Hunt’s illustrations for “Salvage Run”

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on March 22, 2017

Jon Hunt‘s brilliant illustrations for a free downloadable PDF excerpt called “Salvage Run” from my novel, 1% Free.

A glimpse of the process of creating the illustrations.

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Notices from Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on February 18, 2017


In Matiasz’s (End Time, 1994) sci-fi novel, a private investigator scours a dystopian San Francisco for a killer.

By 2042, America has fragmented: massive earthquakes have devastated the West Coast, while riots and social chaos have created lawless regions across the country, and some territories have even seceded from the United States. Private eye Jimmy Hidalgo’s latest gig seems relatively easy: find a missing woman—a deadly OverUnity operative who’s likely in San Francisco. His client is Ajnzar, who turns out to be one of the Majjar, an alien species allied with the OverUnity civilization that governs the Sagittarius galactic arm. Jimmy is also looking into the murder of his friend Danny Delgado, although forensics can’t quite explain the condition of his small, gray corpse. The PI soon suspects that Danny’s killer and the missing human operative, whose name translates to “Anger Cat Stealth,” are the same woman. Meanwhile, another human named Becky Wiley has managed to illegally acquire three security cases, which separately contain a gem, personal documents belonging to a person named Robert Yi Lee, and a bizarre alien artifact; she does her best to steer clear of suddenly inquisitive cops and feds. More murders ensue, and Jimmy eventually crosses paths with Becky, a hunter alien, and a human with psionic ability. Matiasz presents an engaging view of a future world that brims with intriguing political and societal issues; for example, racial segregation is shown to spark migration, and openly gay Becky remembers high school days of homophobic torment. The author also relays extensive exposition in various, clever ways, including snippets of a TV show, and part of a lecture about “America’s Terror War.” There’s so much worldbuilding, in fact, that it doesn’t allow much room for action, and the inevitable climax happens very late in the book. The ambience, however, is so richly textured and frightening that it’s palpable.

An astute, socially relevant tale, set in a world that readers will happily get lost in.
Kirkus Reviews

In this middling cyberpunk noir novel, a private investigator and a salvager face off against an alien menace. San Francisco PI Jimmy Hidalgo finds out that an old friend has been murdered on the same day that an alien hires him to find a missing operative, a cloned human spy who’s gone rogue. In the no-man’s-land beyond L.A., Becky Wiley picks up a mysterious piece of salvage, drawing unwelcome attention from the LAPD and FBI. The extensive worldbuilding and character backstories pad out an otherwise meager plot while also distracting from it. Matiasz (End Time) has crafted a world that’s a hotbed of political intrigues and ideologies, where war simmers on the horizon. The narrative slowly winds through a labyrinth of tangents and “Interstitial Materials,” a reading list from an alternate timeline. The uneven pacing makes skimming a necessity for all but die-hard worldbuilding enthusiasts. This diverse, complex setting feels better suited to an RPG than a novel. (BookLife/Publishers Weekly)

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Posted by G.A. Matiasz on November 13, 2016

My alter-ego, “Lefty” Hooligan, would no doubt say “Fuck the Democratic Party!” I’m not so belligerent because I’m not at all sure whether the Democratic Party should be abolished, ignored, embraced, reformed, or rebuilt from the bottom up. Nor am I as certain as my ultraleft counterpart that bourgeois political parties or even revolutionary parties have no role to play in bringing about social change, let alone social revolution. The whole issue of electoral politics is highly problematic from a number of perspectives, so I think it best to put aside the Democratic Party in discussing what is to be done in the wake of Trump’s win and the Republican Party’s victories.


What I am certain about is that an active and engaged mass social base is needed in order to take the next step, whether that is forming a progressive, labor or revolutionary party, building an extra-parliamentary opposition, or attempting radical reforms or even social revolution. The two necessary components to an effective, vibrant mass social base are lively autonomous social movements and independent street politics based on direct action. And crucial to any mass social base with agency in my estimation will be an organized and organizing working class committed to direct action in the streets. Combine these two components, and true social power begins. I can endlessly debate the need for extra-parliamentary politics; what is absolutely necessary are broad, non-parliamentary social movements in the streets.

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Posted by G.A. Matiasz on November 11, 2016

Begin with sanctuary. Expand and strengthen the sanctuary movement, both secular and religious. Multiply the number of sanctuary cities, counties, and states. And individually pledge to support and offer sanctuary wherever and to whomever whenever possible. Now that Trump is president, now that Republicans control Congress, it’s the first step we need to take.

(Map of Sanctuary Cities)

Below is a list of sanctuary cities, counties, and states from a right-wing website. Our goal should be to double, triple, geometrically multiply this list.

The Original list of  Sanctuary Cities, USA

(The sanctuary list was created in 2006 and last updated on:

Sanctuaries listed by state (in
alphabetical order)


  • Anchorage, AK  (6/13/07 Congressional
    Research Service) (7-29-10 The Municipality of Anchorage
    disputes the listing. See notes at bottom of page for details.)
  • * (The city of Fairbanks has been
    removed from the Sanctuary Cities list due to the city council’s
    passage of a resolution supporting a formal recognition of its cooperation
    with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      The city of Fairbanks had previously been listed due its
    designation as a sanctuary city by the Congressional Research Service.  OJJPAC
    thanks the City of Fairbanks for taking positive steps to clarify its compliance
    with federal law. Fairbanks enforcement statistics will be monitored for
  • Chandler, AZ               (Added 5/30/07, Congressional Research Service
    Report, 2006. The city disputes its listing. )
  • Mesa, AZ                    (Added 10-18-09,
    Sources: Judicial Watch; East Valley Tribune article,1-4-2008)*
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • South Tucson, AZ        (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Tucson,
    A Z                (Added 11-12-07, Source: 11-11-07 story by Brady McCombs, Arizona Daily Star.
    See note below.)


  • Alameda Co., CA          (Added
    10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Amador Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Bell Gardens, CA
  • Berkeley, CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report which points to Berkeley’s
    General Order J-1)
  • Butte Co., CA                    (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Calaveras Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • City of Industry, CA
  • City of Commerce, CA
  • Coachella, CA               (Added 7-23-12, Source:
    La Voz de Aztlan. Passed in 2006 and existence supported by quotes in city’s
    9-12-07 council meeting minutes.)
  • Colusa Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Contra Costa Co., CA    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS
    DDO Report)
  • Cypress, CA
  • Davis CA
  • Downey, CA
  • El Dorado, CA                (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Fresno, CA                       (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service.  City
    disputes its listing claiming CRS could not provide source of its research.
  • Fresno Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Glenn Co., CA                    (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Greenfield, CA                   (Added 7-23-12, Source: Battle at the
    ballot box in Greenfield
    , Monterey County, The Herald, 6-1-12)
  • Humboldt Co., CA            (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Imperial Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Kern Co., CA                    (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Kings Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Lake Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Lassen Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Los Angeles, CA               (Sources:  Congressional Research Service;
    10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Los Angeles Co., CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Lynwood, CA
  • Marin Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Madera Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Maywood, CA
  • Mendocino Co., CA         (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Merced Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Modoc Co. CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Montebello, CA
  • Monterey Co., CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Napa Co., CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • National City, CA
  • Nevada Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Norwalk, CA
  • Oakland,
    (Added 8-27-07. Source: 4/25/07 story by KCBS 740 AM. Link
  • Orange Co., CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Paramount, CA
  • Pico Rivera, CA
  • Placer Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Richmond, CA                  (Added 11-5-09. Sources:  Mayor Gayle McLaughlin’s campaign website from
    2004, 2006)
  • Riverside Co., CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Sacramento Co.                (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Benito Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Bernardino, CA               (Added 6/7/07, reader submitted
    Listing disputed by the city administration* See addl. notes)
  • San Bernardino Co., CA        (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14
    DHS DDO Report)
  • San Diego, CA
    (Sources: Congressional Research Service; SDPD chief endorses controversial
    immigration bill, Fox-TV 5, 9-2-13
  • San Diego Co., CA                (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Joaquin Co., CA             (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Luis Obispo Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Mateo Co., CA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Santa Barbara Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Santa Clara County, CA          (Added 11-29-10, source:  Forced into
    Immigration Enforcement, A County Considers Plan B, 10-21-10, Huffington Post.;
    10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Santa Cruz, CA                      (Added
    5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
  • Santa Cruz Co., CA             (Added
    10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Francisco, CA                 (Congressional
    Research Service)
  • San Francisco Co.                  (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • San Jose,
    (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Santa Maria, CA                   (11-18-08 Submitted research from local activist/ Listing
    disputed by the city administration
  • Sacramento Co., CA            (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Shasta Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Solano Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Sonoma Co., CA                  (Source: Congressional Research Service;
    10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • South Gate, CA
  • Stanislaus Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Sutter Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Tehama Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Trinity Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Tulare Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Ventura, Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Vernon, CA
  • Watsonville, CA                    (Added
    5/30/07, documented by KSBW news)
  • Wilmington, CA
  • Yolo Co., CA                    (Added
    7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Yuba Co., CA
    (Added 7-30-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)


  •  All 64 Counties in CO   (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Aurora, CO
  •  Commerce City, CO
  •  Denver, CO
    (Source: Congressional Research Service)
  •  Durango, CO
    (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  •  Federal Heights, CO
  •  Fort Collins, CO
  •  Lafayette, CO
    (Added 6/3/07, documented by reader)
  •  Thornton, CO
    (City disputes its listing.  However, the city did
    not forward a copy of its policy regarding illegal aliens)
  •  Westminster, CO


  • Fairfield Co., CT
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Hartford, CT
    (Added 5/4/10.  Sources: [Ordinance passed in 2008]; NEWS 21 Blog, by Amy
    Crawford, Hartford, CT; 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Hartford Co., CT
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • New Haven, CT
    (Added 6/4/07.  Source: TV News 8: City council votes 25-1 to issue ID cards to
    illegal aliens)
  • New Haven Co., CT        (Added 8-1-16,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • New London Co., CT        (Added
    8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Tolland Co., CT
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Windham Co., CT
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)


  • Broward Co., FL                Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.
  • * Correction
    *3/26/16 DeLeon Springs is being removed because it is a
    census-designated place (CDP) and has no formal municipal government.
  • Deltona, FL
  • Hendry Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Herando Co.                       Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.
  • Hillsborough Co., FL           Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO
  • Jupiter, FL
    Added 4-13-09. Previously on watch list.
  • Lake Worth, FL
    Added 4-13-09. OJJPAC given tour of city by local activists.
  • Lee Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Miami, FL
  • Monroe Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Miami-Dade Co., FLAdded 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.
  • Okaloosa Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Orange Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Oscelola Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Palm Beach Co., FL
  • Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.
  • Pasco Co., FL                     Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO
  • Pinellas Co., FL
  • Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.
  • Santa Rosa Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • St. Lucie Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Sunrise, FL
    Added 12-12-15,  Source:  City support for Obama’s unconstitutional
    DAPA and DACA exec. orders.
  • Tampa, FL
    Added 12-12-15,  Source:  City support for Obama’s unconstitutional
    DAPA and DACA exec. orders.
  • Washington Co., FL
    (Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no


  • Dalton, GA        (Added 5/30/07.
    6/18/07 Listing disputed by the City of Dalton, GA.
    City’s written policy requested, not received as of 1-28-12.
  • Champaign Co., IL        (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.  Will not honor ICE detainer.)
  • Chicago, IL                    (Sources: Congressional
    Research Service; 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Cicero, IL                      (6/13/07
    Congressional Research Service)
  • Cook Co., IL
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Requires written agreement from
    ICE reimbursing costs of honoring detainer.)
  • Evanston, IL                   (6/13/07 Congressional
    Research Service)Iowa
  • The following Iowa counties will not honor ICE detainers without a court
    order or unless a judge has approved a probable cause warrant:

    Allamakee, Benton, Cass, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Franklin, Freemont, Greene,
    Ida, Iowa, Jefferson, Johnson, Linn, Marion, Monona, Montgomery, Polk,
    Pottawattamie, Sioux, Story, Wapello, Winneshiek Co.  (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • (See city watch list below)


  • Butler Co.
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Finney Co.
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Harvey Co.
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Johnson Co.          (Added
    10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Sedgwick Co.       (Added 10-13-15, Source:
    10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Shawnee Co.        (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Wichita
    (Source: Police department policy exposed after the death of Lola Jayne, KSN
    TV-3, 12-19-08)


  • New Orleans, LA      (Source: Police department announced policy of
    “don’t ask, don’t tell”  by Police superintendent Warren
    Riley, WWL-TV; 9-9-09)
  • Orleans Parish Co., LA    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)


  • Portland    (Added 5/31/07 Note: Maine resident reported that
    Portland city council passed sanctuary legislation)
  • State of Maine   (Added 5/31/07 Note: Governor of Maine initiated
    de facto protections for illegal aliens by Executive Order in 2004)*


  • Baltimore, MD
    (Sources: Congressional Research Service; 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Charles Co., MD
    Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Gaithersburg, MD     (Disputed by
    city 7-10-15. As of 9-8-15, the city has not forwarded a copy of its policy
    regarding illegal alien in Gaithersburg
  • Mt. Rainier, MD        (Added 1-20-08,
    Source: The Washington D.C. Examiner, 1-19-08)
  • Montgomery Co., MD  (Added 11-3-09, Source: Frederick County
    sheriff worried about MontCo gangs
    , The Washington D.C. Examiner, 11-2-09.
    Also DDO.)
  • Prince George’s Co., MD    Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.
    Declines but report identifies no policy.)
  • Takoma Park, MD      (Reported that City ordinance passed some 20 years
    ago; Congressional Research Service)


  • Amherst, MA         (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Boston, MA
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report citing the Boston Trust Act)
  • Cambridge, MA     (Source: Boston Globe. First passed resolution in
    1985; 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Chelsea, MA          (Added: 8-14-07 Source: Chelsea government
    website with text of sanctuary policy.)
  • Northampton, MA  (Added 6-20-12
    Source: City of Northampton Resolution dated 8-18-2011.  Resolution
    limits cooperation with ICE but does not use the term “sanctuary.” )
  • Orleans, MA          (Added 6/13/07
    Source: Congressional Research Service) Township
    disputes that it is a sanctuary.
  • Sommerville, MA   (Added 7-23-12 Original resolution passed in
    1987, later repealed and replaced with Safe City Resolution. Source:
    Sommerville News Blog
    , 10-15-2007;10-8-14 DHS DDO Report) )
  • Springfield, MA      (Disputed)


  • Ann Arbor, MI      (6/13/07 Congressional
    Research Service)
  • Detroit,
    MI            (6/13/07
    Congressional Research Service)
  • Anoka Co., MN
    Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Austin, MN
    (Added 11-1-11 Source: Protecting illegal immigrants to catch criminals, Star
    Tribune, 10-27-11)*
  • Hennepin Co., MN
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Maplewood, MN
    Added 12-12-15, Source: Maplewood City Pages, 12-9-15
  • Minneapolis, MN      (Congressional Research Service)
  • Ramsey Co., MN     (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS
    DDO Report)
  • St. Paul, MN
  • Worthington, MN      (Added 5-30-07 Note: This is
    where a Swift plant was raided by ICE in December, 2006.
    Worthington disputes its listing.)


  • Douglas Co., NE        Added 8-1-16,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.)
  • Hall Co., NE
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Lancaster Co., NE     (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14
    DHS DDO Report)
  • Omaha, NE
    (Added 2-18-16, Source: News)
  • Sarpy Co., NE
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)


  • Clark Co.
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Washoe Co.
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Reno
    (Added 5-31-07; 2-18-08 Disputed by city; OJJPAC
    has requested a copy of city policies. Copy of policies never received as of

    New Jersey
  • Camden, NJ                   (Added in 2007.
    Latest source: Camden, Immigrant Haven?, By Lauren Feeney, City
    , 7-16-08)
  • Freehold, NJ
    (Added 11-5-15.  Local resident; Ground Zero For A Hot Topic,
    10-19-15, Asbury Park Press)
  • *
    * (The Borough of Fort Lee removed pending review of its compliance with IIRIRA).
    The city disputes its listing as a sanctuary.)
  • Middlesex Co.,
    NJ          (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Hightstown, NJ               (Added 5-30-07 
    The city disputes its listing as a sanctuary.)
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Newark,
    NJ                    (Added 6-3-07)
  • North Bergen, NJ
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Union City, NJ
  • Union Co., NJ
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • West New York, NJ
    New Mexico
  • Albuquerque,
    NM*            6/13/07
    Congressional Research Service; 8-14-07 KOB-TV 4 Eyewitness News report.
    *[5-14-10 Mayor claims city no longer a sanctuary.]
  • Aztec, NM
    Added 5-8-10, Identified by CRS in 2006 report to Congress.
    (The city disputes its listing. However it has not
    forwarded a copy of its policy.)
  • Bernalillo Co. NM
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Dona Ana Co., NM
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Lea Co., NM
    Added 8-1-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report. Declines but report identifies no
  • Luna Co., NM
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Otero Co., NM
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Rio Ariba Co., NM    (Added 6/13/07 Congressional Research
    Service;  Also 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.)
  • San Miguel Co., NM
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.  Requires reimbursement of
    costs by ICE in honoring detainer.)
  • Santa Fe, NM
    6/13/07 Congressional Research Service; 1-26-12 AP story, Santa Fe Mayor David
    Coss opposes taking drivers licenses away from illegal aliens.
  • Santa Fe Co., NM        (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Taos, NM
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.  Illegal alien must be
    convicted of at least one felony or two misdemeanors.)
    New York
  • Albany,
    NY                        (Added 7-22-09 Source: Council adopts don’t ask policy, Times Union report by
    Jordan Carleo-Evangelist
  • Bay Shore, NY
  • Brentwood, NY
  • Bronx Co., NY
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Central Islip, NY
  • Farmingville, NY
  • Franklin Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Kings Co., NY
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Nassau Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • New York City, NY
    (Originally added in 2006; (Source added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO
  • Onondaga Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Queens Co., NY
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Rensselaer Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Richmond Co., NY
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Riverhead, NY
  • Saratoga Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • *
    *The hamlets of Shirly/Mastic were removed because they are unincorporated areas
    within Suffolk Co. (already listed).
  • Spring Valley Village, NY    (Added 7-25-07)
  • St. Lawrence Co., NY         (Added
    10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Suffolk Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Uniondale, NY
  • Wayne Co., NY
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Westbury, NYNorth Carolina
  • Carrboro,
    (Added 11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The
    News & Observer
  • Chapel Hill,
    NC            (Added
    11-12-07 Source: Towns differ on illegal aliens by Patrick Winn, The News
    & Observer
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chatham County, NC    (Added 1-14-09 Source: Chatham
    rejects immigration program, The News & Observer; Chatham County
    Commissioners Board Minutes, 1-5–09
  • Durham, NC
    (6/13/07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Raleigh
  • Winston-Salem

        North Dakota

  • State of North Dakota       (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report.  ND State Penitentiary will not honor ICE
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)


  • Columbus, OH        (7/5/07
    Source: 5/10/07 Columbus Dispatch article stating illegal aliens in
    misdemeanor cases are not reported to ICE)  See more below.
  • Dayton, OH
    (Added 1-11-10 Source:  Dayton Daily News story by Lucas Sullivan.
    Police chief prohibits officers from asking about immigration status.)
  • Lake County, OH   (Added 7-23-15 Source:  Lake County
    accepts fraudulent Mexican Matricula Counsular ID cards used by illegal
  • Lima, OH  
    Added 10-28-08 Source:  City
    administration opposes County Sheriff’s efforts to remove illegal aliens.)
  • Lorain, OH
    (Added 4-21-14 Source:  Lorain Police Chief Celestino Rivera has ordered
    (by written policy) his officers not to cooperate with ICE) See addl. notes
  • Lucas County, OH  (Added 7-23-15 Source:  Lucas County
    accepts fraudulent Mexican Matricula Counsular ID cards used by illegal
  • Oberlin,
    OH           (Added
    1-25-09. Source: City Resolution adopted January 20, 2009)
  • Painesville, OH       
    (7-19-07 Source:
    In 2006, the city of
    Painesville in an official letter called illegal aliens (they used the word
    “undocumented” a valuable asset to the city and opposed immigration law
    enforcement legislation. I have a copy of that letter in my file.  Although
    the city of Painesville passed a Resolution in support of immigration law
    enforcement as a result of public pressure, the city remains in opposition to
    aggressive immigration law enforcement and the deportation of the illegal alien
    population in the community.  We will be looking into the past actions of
    the Painesville Municipal Court too regarding its role in preventing the
    deportation of deportable aliens.)


  • Oklahoma City         (de facto)
  • Tulsa
    (6-3-07 Note: Tulsa city council is discussing changing its sanctuary policy.
    8-15-10 Update:  See note below.)


  • The following Oregon counties will not honor ICE detainers without a
    court order or warrant: 
    Clackamas, Curry, Douglas, Deschutes,
    Gilliam, Grant, Hood River, Jefferson, Josephine, Linn, Malheur, Multnomah,
    Marion, Tillamook, Union, Wallowa, Wasco, Washington, and Yamhill.
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Ashland, OR
    (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Baker Co., OR
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Clackamas Co., OR
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Clatsop Co., OR
    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Gaston,
    (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Jackson Co., OR
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Lane Co., OR
    (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Marion Co., OR        (8-9-07
    Congressional Research Service; Also 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Multnomah Co., OR  (Added 11-9-13 Source: Sheriff’s office says ‘no’
    to ICE, By Kirsten Lock, Fox TV-12, 4-25-13)
  • Portland, OR
  • State of Oregon *
    (8-9-07 Congressional Research Service)  *(See note below)
  •     Pennsylvania
    • Allentown, PA (Rescinded)  7-23-12 Note:
      Allentown city council passed a sanctuary resolution in 1986 but voted 4-3 to
      rescind it in 1991.
    • Chester Co., PA
      (Added 8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
    • Delaware Co., PA        (Added 8-2-16,
      Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
    • Lehigh Co., PA
      (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
    • Montgomery, PA        (Added 8-2-16,
      Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
    • Philadelphia, PA*
      (7-15-10 Source: 
      Policy Concerning Access of Immigrants to City Services
      ; 10-8-14  DHS DDO
    • Philadelphia Co., PA      (Added 8-2-16, Source:
      10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
    • Pittsburgh, PA  (Added 5-29-14 Source: Pittsburg Post Gazette:
      Pittsburg launches effort to woo more immigrants, 5-29-14)

        Rhode Island

    • State of Rhode Island    (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14
      DHS DDO Report.  Dept. of Corrections won’t honor detainers without a
    • Providence(Added 5-17-11 Source: Providence wants to opt out of ‘Secure Communities’
      database, by Gregory Smith, Providence Journal, 2-23-11).


    • Austin, TX(Congressional Research Service)
  • Baytown, TX            (6-13-07 Local reader
    observation;  12-9-15 Note: The City of Baytown
    disputes it’s listing as a sanctuary. Status is currently under review.
  • Brownsville, TX
  • Channelview, TX      (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
  • Denton, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Dallas Co., TX         (Added
    8-2-16, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • El Cenizo, TX          (6-13-07 Congressional Research
  • Ft.Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX            (Congressional
    Research Service)
  • Katy, TX(Congressional Research Service)
  • Laredo, TX
    (Entry added in 2007. Source added 7-25-15 article by
    Brandon Darby, 7-6-15, regarding Laredo PD critical of officers calling Border
    Patrol. )
  • Mcallen, TX
  • Port Arthur, TX       (6-13-07 Reader/resident observation)
  • Travis Co., TX        (Added 10-13-15,
    Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • State of Utah
    (Added 5-15-11  Source:  Utah Approves Guest Worker Program for
    Illegal Immigrants, ABC New, 5-7-11)
  • Provo, UT*
    (* 8-27-2010  Provo Utah contacted OJJPAC and indicated that it has no desire to be a sanctuary city.
     Pending removal of Provo, UT  upon
    verification of city’s full participation/cooperation with ICE.)
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Alexandria,
    VA*            (Added
    10-6-08. Source: City Resolution No. 2246 adopted 10-9-07)
  • Arlington, VA
    (Added 11-3-15.   Source:  Arlington, VA opts out of federal
    immigration program, 9-28-2010; 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA         (Added 6/3/07.  Note:
    The city adopted an administrative directive on 8-1-08 allowing VBPD limited
    authority to inquire about immigration status. Based on this directive, the city disputes its sanctuary status. Despite the
    directive, the city has not provided statistical evidence of enforcement to
    date. )
  •         Vermont

    • Burlington, VT            (Added
      5-14-09  Source: 5-13-09 Associated Press story by Wilson Ring)
    • Middlebury, VT          (Added
      5-14-09  Source: 5-13-09 Associated Press story by Wilson Ring)
    • State of Vermont*        (Added
      11-29-10  Source: 11-21-10 Vermont AG proposes bias-free policing policy,
      Burlington Free Press)

            Washington (State)

    • The following Washington counties do not honor Ice detainers:
      Benton, Chelan, Clallam, Clark, Cowlitz, Franklin, Jefferson, King, Kitsap,
      Pierce, Skagit, Snohomish, Spokane, Thurston, Walla Walla, Whatcom, Yakima.
      (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)
    • King Co. Council, WA     (Added as a de
      facto sanctuary on 6-28-09 Source: The Seattle Times; and on
      11-9-09 Ordinance passed
      ;10-8-14 DHS DDO Report);
    • Seattle, WA
      (Added 5/30/07; Congressional Research Service)
    • Spokane, WA
      (Added 6-22-15; City Council passed Ordinances C35164 and C-35167)
    • Madison, WI
      (Congressional Research
      Service)  Update: In June, 2010, the city council passed a
      resolution reaffirming its policy.

    • Milwaukee Co., WI
      (Added 10-13-15, Source: 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report citing Resolution 12-135)

    • Milwaukee., WI    (Added 6-10-12 Source
      article: County Board Resolution on Immigration on target, Opinion, Journal
      Sentinel News., 6-9-12)


    • Jackson Hole, WY     (10-19-15
      Sheriff of Teton County disputes the county’s sanctuary status. A status review
      of Jackson Hole is in progress.

        Washington, D.C.

    • (The Washington D. C. city council has voted to prohibit its police
      department from participating in the Secure Communities program in July,
      2010 according to an AP story by Ivan Moreno dated 7-26-10;
      10-19-11 D.C. Examiner story
      which states that Mayor Vincent Gray signed an order prohibiting the city’s
      police dept. from inquiring about a person’s immigration status. Also
      included in the 10-8-14 DHS DDO Report)

    Cities under review

    Diamond Bar, CA   (6/26/07 Disputed by city. Currently being researched
    to verify.)

    Boulder, CO

    DesMoines, IA  (Added 11-28-07
    Source: Proposal
    seeks banning immigration raids in D.M
    ., by Nigel Duara, DesMoines-Register)

    Bridgeton, NJ
    (Added 6-3-07) [7-27-07 Disputed by a reputed farm worker
    advocate, see note below.] 

    Peekskill, NY
    [Disputed, being researched]

    San Antonio, TX  [Note: The Sanctuary status of San Antonio
    is disputed, being researched.]

    Watch List Cities 
    Note: This is a new list started 8-14-07 and was updated on 8-1-16.

    • Joliet,
      (Source: Resident alleges police have don’t ask don’t tell policy,
      courts ignore immigration status)
    • Iowa City, IA
      (Source: Article, Group pushes Iowa City as ‘immigration sanctuary city,’
      DesMoines Register, 10-31-10)
    • Cedar Rapids, IA    (Source:
      Article, Two Iowa cities considering adopting sanctuary policies for
      illegal aliens, by Dave Gibson,, 12-20-10)
    • Lexington,
      KY         (Source: 11-12-07 Submitted by local resident who claims it is a
    • Worcester, MASS   (Source:
      8-14-07 Worcester Telegram)
    • Silver Springs, MD   (Source: 5-17-12
      Local resident)
    • Lakewood,
      NJ         (Source:9-10-08  Local residents)
    • Cleveland, OH
      (Source:  Support for Global Cleveland initiatives)
    • Cincinnati, OH
      (Mayor Mark Mallory supports immigration reform [amnesty], By Amanda Lee
      Myers, San Francisco Chronicle, 5-30-13)
    • Middletown, OH      (Source: 1-30-08 Middletown News-Journal)
    • Springfield,
      OH         (Source: 1-27-08
    • Clark County, OH   
      (Source: 1-27-08; 9-29-08
      Springfield-News-Sun Editorial (Sheriff Kelly not interested in removing
      illegal aliens)
    • Gallatin,
      (Source: 9-26-08 Reader)
    • Shelbyville,
      TN         (Source: News
      articles submitted by Shelbyville resident)
    • Portland,
      TN             (Source: 9-26-08 Reader)
    • Hendersonville, TN   (Source: 9-26-08
    • Whitehouse,
      TN        (Source: 9-26-08 Reader)
  • McKinney, TX
    (Source:  11-28-11 Star Local News article
    by Marthe Stinton)
  • Kings County, WA    (Source:  5-8-12
    3 King County officials balk at ICE detainer program)
  • Toledo, OH              (Source:
    7-12-15  Personal research by longtime immigration researcher)
  • Sanctuary Cities, USA: Additional
    Anchorage, AKThe
    Municipality of Anchorage sent OJJPAC a letter disputing the city’s listing
    postmarked July 29, 2010.  It claims that the Congressional Research
    Service’s listing of the city as a “sanctuary” was based on a Resolution
    adopted by its Assembly (AR 2003-223) in 2003.  The Municipal Attorney
    Dennis Wheeler says that that Resolution was rescinded on December 18, 2007.Mesa, ArizonaMesa Arizona has been added as a sanctuary city list because of its
    reported “don’t ask don’t tell policy” and criticism by the local sheriff
    that the city is not enforcing the law.  The sheriff has arrested
    illegal aliens working in city buildings (as contract workers for a private
    cleaning company), reportedly after the city police department refused to
    investigate complaints of illegal hires by a whistleblower.Austin, MNNote:  The newspaper incorrectly refers to illegal aliens as
    “illegal immigrants.”  Aliens who illegally reside in the U.S. are not
    “immigrants,” a term that should only refer to aliens who legally
    “emigrated” to the United States.Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia’s Mayor signed an Executive Order in November 2009 that
    provided additional protections to illegal aliens in the city.
    However, the City of Philadelphia does have an existing Preliminary
    Arraignment Reporting System (PARS) agreement with ICE.  Mayor Nutter
    objects to the  PARS computer technology agreement which is now up for
    renewal. The Mayor apparently believes that the access of data by ICE will
    result in increased immigration violation investigations and deportations.
    Here is an article by the Philadelphia Inquirer.Tucson, ArizonaTucson
    Arizona has been added to the sanctuary city list because the Tucson police
    have instituted a new policy which prevents their officers from calling
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement to schools and churches.Tulsa, OklahomaTulsa
    city councilor Jim Mautino was quoted in a Tulsa World article by P.J. Lassek,
    that he believes Tulsa is a sanctuary city and that the Police don’t verify
    legal presence during traffic stops.  Mautino wants to crack down on
    illegal aliens and introduce an ordinance mandating the use of E-Verify
    because the resolution that was passed cannot be enforced.State of
    to a CRS report (October, 2005), Oregon passed a law in 1987 that prohibits
    local and state law enforcement from using state resources for locating and
    capturing illegal aliens.

    Law enforcement was permitted
    [but not required] to “exchange information” with federal
    immigration agents if an illegal alien was arrested for a crime.
     San Bernardino, CA.San
    Bernardino was added to the list on June 6th of 2007 as a result of a
    readers submission.  On September 5th 2008, the city administration
    contacted me to dispute its listing.  OJJPAC has asked the city’s law
    department to forward copies of the city’s policies regarding its processes
    when illegal aliens are encountered in its city.

     Bridgeton, NJ
    7-27-07 Disputed by a reputed farm worker advocate who
    sent me this email:

    “I just wanted to point out an inaccuracy on your website’s listing of
    sanctuary cities.  You have Bridgeton, NJ listed as a sanctuary city, and
    indeed it is most definitely not.  I work with CATA – The Farm workers’
    Support committee ( and we have an organized group of
    membership in this town.  One of our goals is working towards making
    Bridgeton an sanctuary city, but the local government is quite unfriendly
    towards the immigrant population, and the mayor has even hinted at wanting to
    implement a Hazleton type of ordinance (luckily, given yesterday’s legal
    decision, that won’t be happening).”

    Columbus, OH

    The Columbus Dispatch [Ohio] wrote:  “The police didn’t contact immigration authorities concerning those
    who were determined to be undocumented, Booth said. Authorities say
    that’s typical when it comes to misdemeanor charges.”

    2-20-14 Mayor
    Michael Coleman issues a travel ban for city employees because the State of
    Arizona passed immigration law enforcement bill SB 1070.   12-7-15
    City support for Obama’s unconstitutional DAPA and DACA exec. orders,

    Lorain, OH
    “Thanks to Cel (Celestino Rivera, Lorain’s Police Chief), we are less
    worried”  [about the US Border Patrol]said one interviewee who has a
    family member who is deportable.  Rivera does not report illegal aliens
    to immigration authorities.  Source: Ohio, the Other Border, By Maribel
    Hastings, Senior Adviser, America’s voice, 4-7-14.

    Painesville, OH

    Cleveland Scene (7-18-07) quotes the Painesville Police Chief Gary

    ***He [Police Chief Gary Smith] has no qualms about laying out his
    indifference in plain English: “We don’t care what your [immigration]
    status is.” ***

    Oklahoma City, OK

    One reader wrote about Oklahoma City:

    Oklahoma City is a sanctuary city de facto.
    Police officers have been told not to stop any Hispanic for minor traffic
    violations, because they have a good chance of being illegal and it is a waste
    of time.  The City has not been enforcing City Code if the recipient of
    the code violation doesn’t speak English.  And is not attempting to
    enforce the single-family dwelling laws.

    State of Maine 

    Governor John E. Baldacci issued  executive order 13 FY 04/05 which
    was issued on April 9, 2004.  The order is entitled  “An Order
    Concerning Access to State Services by All Entitled Maine
    Residents.”  The order prohibits state workers from inquiring about
    the immigration status of anyone applying for services.

    Alexandria, VA

    No. 2246, adopted October 9, 2007 states in part:  “…the City
    and its various agencies will neither make inquirers about nor report on the
    citizenship of those who seek the protection of its laws or the use of its
       Evidently in Alexandria, illegal alien are
    safe from Immigration and Customs Enforcement until they commit a
    “serious” crime.  So what crimes can illegals commit with
    impunity from the federal government? Theft? Rape? Drug dealing? Gang
    activity?  OJJPAC’s belief is that the City’s Resolution conflict’s
    with its responsibility under federal law.

    State of Vermont 

    Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell reportedly has asked police in
    Vermont to adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to immigration status
    under the guise of “Bias-Free Policing.”  Police departments in Vermont
    will get a copy of the request but are not required to adopt the attorney
    general’s policy.

    Research Resources (incomplete listing)

  • Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
  • CRS Report for Congress, Enforcing Immigration Law: The Role of State
    and Local Law Enforcement, Updated August 14, 2006

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November 3, 2016 Book Launch Event

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on November 5, 2016

Between 30 and 40 people attended my November 3, 2016 Book Launch Event at the Ferry Building Book Passage. Here is the handout I passed out:
And here is my presentation:

I wrote the first draft of 1% Free in 1993, 23 years ago, about our future in 2042, 25 years from now. I immediately got a set of Triple A maps and started sketching out the world I was building. This handout collects and updates some of those working maps to make the point that 25 years, a quarter century, a generation is a very long time during which everything can dramatically change.

I’ve emphasized this by including three sets of historical maps covering Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and east Asia for 1910, 1935, and 1960 respectively. They’re the colored maps inside the first fold of the handout. Europe in 1910 was divided between feudal empires and modern nation-states, Poland was part of Czarist Russia, and Ireland was a colony of England. By 1935, the first World War had completely changed Europe, with both independent Irish and Polish nations, a Bolshevik Russia, and the beginnings of Naziism in Germany. By 1960, the second World War had again radically rearranged the map of Europe, dividing Germany in particular, and Europe in general between the West and an expanding Soviet Bloc. In the same timespan, the British Crown Colony of India shared the subcontinent with native Indian states until they were subsumed into the British Empire and then violently torn apart into an independent Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. The feudal countries of Siam, China, and Japan in East Asia were imperialized and colonized by British, French, Dutch, and American powers. This provoked national liberation struggles in China and Vietnam, and Japan’s military imperialism, ultimately bringing about a Communist China and North Vietnam, and a demilitarized, hypercapitalist Japan.

A quarter of a century is a surprisingly long time, long enough for governments and borders and economies and sovereignties to dramatically change. Now, go to the black-and-white maps inside the final fold of the handout. By 2042 in my near-future science fiction novel, I project a continuing grim trend toward the violent disintegration of nation-states and national economies, with some notable exceptions. The West has nuked a troublesome Middle East to rid the world of Islamic terrorism. Pakistan and India have fought their own nuclear war. Europe has unified around a softcore muslim-rein fascism, and China has descended into red warlordism. And the southwest of the United States has seceded, joining with the northern states of Mexico to form an independent country. Some might even consider that a positive alternative. The book’s troubling theme of future intercommunal civil war unfortunately coincides with our current electorally-heightened ethnic and racial tensions. I realized that my book’s title, 1% Free, has another meaning because in this future the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population is doing all it can to free itself of nation-states, economic regulation, and even the planet itself by setting up residence in orbiting space stations.

The novel’s immediate action happens in a San Francisco fractured by earthquakes and social divisions teetering on social war, and in a Los Angeles devastated by earthquakes, riots, and failed rebellions, in a highly militarized United States. The action converges in the socialist Palm Springs Free City surrounded by the socialist Republic of Aztlan. Throughout the story I’ve woven the activities of a revolutionary anarchist movement called Synarky, organized around the biological metaphor of symbiosis. This is an homage to Luis Buñuel’s film “That Obscure Object of Desire” in which a shadowy terrorist group called the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus constantly blows things up off-camera. I’ve also been influenced by great near-future speculative fiction, from John Brunner’s multi-dimensional worldbuilding technique in “Stand on Zanzibar” and “The Sheep Look Up” to David Brin’s overly optimistic extrapolative fiction in “Earth” and “Existence.” Brunner used what he called the “Innis Mode” to create a mashup of fictional narrative with slogans, snatches of conversation, advertising copy, song lyrics, extracts from newspapers and books, and other cultural detritus.

Here is a snippet from 1% Free of a news broadcast from a fictitious media network which refers to 400 Rabbits, a guerrilla organization named after the Aztec gods of drunkenness.


In case you are just joining us, we repeat our top news story. At 8:34 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, the private American bernal space station Columbia fell from orbit, apparently due to the explosion of its nuclear power plant. Thousands of people have been killed, including some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. The trillion-dollar space station’s fiery remnants have scattered across the Midwestern United States, causing additional loss of life and property damage. At 11:21 a.m., this network received a faxed communiqué from 400 Rabbits, specifically the ‘Rachel Carson Symbiont,’ claiming responsibility for downing the Columbia station through the use of a miniaturized orbiting vacuum gun that fired depleted uranium ammunition. We have been unable to independently verify this claim.

Observations from the International Space Station and the Chinese Space Station confirm the nature of this catastrophe, although not its causes. A Gabbard diagram provided by NASA indicates that fragments of the Columbia space station may have crossed paths with the Nirgal Mars fleet while falling from orbit. The European Space Agency reports that components of the Nirgal fleet have in fact been damaged. The Private Orbital Syndicate—comprised of habitat o’neill cylinders, bernal spheres, and Stanford tori located in earth, lunar, and Lagrange orbits—have not commented to the press other than to say that the Columbia disaster is a tragedy of immense proportions. The governments of the United States, the European Union, and the Russian Federation, as well as their respective security agencies, have been placed on the highest alert.

Apparently, the FBI are taking the 400 Rabbits communiqué seriously. A spokesman for the Bureau says that obsolete yet still commercially available Delta Three and Pegasus rocket parts were found three years ago at a site connected with 400 Rabbits in northern Canada. Depleted uranium materials were also found at the site. The FBI further revealed that the Columbia nuclear reactor explosion might have been caused by the simultaneous failure of its primary and backup cooling systems. Anonymous sources contacted by this network claim that black-box feeds from the station recorded three unidentified impacts on the reactor’s outer shield just prior to the explosion. Meanwhile, in New York City an hour ago, representatives for the Buffett, Walton, and Soros families announced memorial services…


By painting such a bleak picture of humanity’s future I’m not trying to muddle the commonly-held distinction between “escapist” genre fiction and serious literary fiction. I grew up reading Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett, not just genre fiction but pulp fiction, and I enjoy playing with their conventions as a writer, from the McGuffins and hard-boiled gumshoes of noir to a galaxy teeming with alien life and extraterrestrial civilizations in science fiction. I’m good with plot and action thanks to my admiration of genre fiction; my problem is all the extraneous description and detail I want to include. I call it the kitchen sink effect. I write a monthly political column for Maximum Rocknroll. Maximum Rocknroll is an internationally distributed punk rock fanzine headquartered in San Francisco that’s been around in print form since 1982. I’ve written my columns since 1993, and that kind of expository non-fiction essay writing is the easiest for me to do. That’s about 250 columns of political commentary. Compared to that, my fiction output consists of about a dozen short stories plus two novels. While I find fiction writing more rewarding, it’s also much more difficult. Finishing a novel is a grueling, time-consuming task. Hence my tendency to pack this novel full of sub-themes and sidebars and seemingly superfluous minutia. I have few opportunities to incorporate interesting, creative detail, so I tend to go overboard.

In this book, I separated out the longest tangential segments into separate chapters I call Interstitial Materials and then interspersed them between the regular, storyline chapters in order to streamline the action. These fake non-fiction sections resemble my monthly Maximum Rocknroll columns.

Apropos of genre fiction, the one trope I hope I haven’t succumbed to is the tendency to write stock characters. I’ve found character development to be the hardest aspect of fiction writing. After cutting the number of main characters from six to three early on, every subsequent rewrite has focused on refining them. Plot and action have always come easy, but embedding realistically drawn characters in a realistically defined world helps ground the plot. The trite observation that every fictional character is simply a version of the author doesn’t excuse the writer from using empathy, research, dialogue and dialect, and imagination to create believable characters. My two protagonists are a Latino detective named Jimmy Hidalgo and a woman salvage operator named Becky Wiley, and despite my trepidations in not being hispanic or female or for that matter having any experience in their respective portrayed professions, I feel obligated to use every tool available in my writing kit to craft realistic characters. Part of my best writing practice is correlating the world I’ve built with the characters I’ve created. From the War on Terror we are presently engaged in to America’s second civil war depicted in 2042, the United States fights two additional major wars in my novel, so I depict a highly militarized society shaped by endless war where the military and the government are the dominant social institutions. But this also means that all my main characters suffer from some degree of PTSD.

These next two readings involve my two protagonists at action points about midway through the plot. Becky Wiley is a salvage operator in Los Angeles who recovers a mysterious cargo, one of the story’s plot devices. In order to figure out what she’s found, she employs two researchers to dig up information on the salvage. ORB 30 is an anonymous, entirely online entity while Janie is Becky’s friend she communicates with online. Now, from the book.


A static-riddled call from ORB 30 came through while Becky was in the hangar.

“I’m off the job.” The red-and-black spider in the Virtual Reality call danced nervously around its web, apparently fuming at Becky’s cryptoKIT rigmarole, and scared shitless. Its sex-neutral voice was shrill and panicky, yet ORB 30 had clearly taken the precaution of reaching Becky’s line from a randomized satellite channel. “I quit. I’m refunding your money immediately. Forget you ever had me do this search.”

“Not so fast.” She faced off with ORB 30’s VR avatar in its cyber lair. “What’s got you spooked?”

“Your girl. That Janie. She’s been snuffed.”

“What the…?” Becky recalled Janie, in her Blue Angel hologram overlay, and then turned on the agitated virtual insect once again. “How do you know?”

The spider’s image seemed to shrink against the silver web. A fireball of static rolled across the bottom of the virtuals. Fastlife images, mostly of porn, flickered along the margins.

“When I started searching, somebody was already ahead of me. Your girl. So I decided to piggyback. No use busting butt when someone else is hot on doing all the work.”

“You were gonna charge me for pirating Janie’s work?”

“Hey, don’t get so steamed. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t know what happened to her.”

“What did happen to her?”

“Her KIT crashed at seven this morning. Then I intercepted some LAPD and FBI chatter. Shot, resisting arrest. DOA at Nucity General.”

Becky felt sick. She noticed she was holding her breath.

“All right, get the hell outta here,” Becky said.

Gratefully, ORB 30 dissipated into red-black mist and silver vapors that succumbed to a storm of visual static. Becky stayed online to access the LAPD’s digital blotter and then the L.A. Times newspaper.

Janie, aka Janelle Eileen Franklin, was wanted for digital embezzlement in New York, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, and Oregon. She was packing a 9mm semiautomatic when she met LAPD Lieutenant Desmond Graves and FBI Special Agent Charles Morrison in the foyer of her West Hollywood home. Janie managed to wing Morrison before Graves dropped her with three shots to the chest from his .357 Magnum. There hadn’t been enough left of her heart for Nucity General to do anything except pull a sheet over the body.

Neither Graves nor Morrison had commented to the press. Becky had no doubt why they’d been at Janie’s. They hadn’t been after an embezzler. Hadn’t even known who Janie was. No, they’d been running down leads on the salvage. In hiring Janie to dig up information on the salvage, Becky had set up her friend and favorite bio hacker for a kill.

The ghost transmission slipped in before she logged off, easing past all of Mother Colony’s digital firewalls, security, and encryption. A grainy cam image of Janie, camouflaged in her slinky Marlene Dietrich hologram, descended the stairs of her West Hollywood hillside home toward two men, one black and the other white, one Morrison, the other Graves. At the bottom of the steps, the Blue Angel phantasm lept one way and Janie lept the other. Morrison fired at the holo and Janie spun the FBI agent around with a shot to the right arm. Graves coldly and methodically pumped three rounds into Janie before the ghost transmission evaporated, leaving behind the russet raven logo of the ghost’s hackware. These were the last harrowing moments of Janie’s life, no doubt captured by some type of CopWatch witness surveillance software. If Becky knew Janie, the ghost was meant as a final testament and had arrived by the most circuitous of digital routes, guaranteeing the message’s anonymity.

There was not a moment for grief. Irreversible commitment gripped Becky.


In my next quote Jimmy Hidalgo is a private investigator in San Francisco who is chasing an alien-engineered serial killer named Angela, stage name Angel Cakes. Angie’s first victim was Jimmy’s best friend.


Jimmy started climbing the intricate fiberplast lattice at two in the morning. The Forbidden City squatter colony swayed above his head. He badly wanted a smoke. The colony’s layered, fiber-reinforced plastic nests were strung between the decaying iron and concrete pylons beneath a stand-alone, three-block-long section of collapsed Interstate 80. Spray-painted “1.26.87,” this dark, sullen freeway fragment was near the crumbling ruins of the abandoned design center at the Highway 101 interchange, in the heart of the SOMA wildzone.

“The Deep 400s,” the neighborhood was called, for the 400 Rabbits symbiont that had launched a midnight guerrilla attack from a blighted Bryant and 6th Street warehouse almost four years ago. A pair of miniature shoulder-fired cruise missiles with semtex warheads were fired at the affluent Treasure Island tower. The missiles had flown on parallel paths, following the broken line of the quake-buckled freeway and skeletal Bay Bridge. They took out six floors in the middle of the tower. Seventeen of the world’s wealthiest people were among the thirty-two dead. The double blast, sudden and loud, had knocked Jimmy out of bed in Oakland. He’d watched the incandescent inferno from his living room, reflected in a still, black Lake Merritt. Damage from the explosions closed off full access to the tower’s upper floors for more than three years while repairs were made.

Dim lights peered here and there through the tangled habitat of the Forbidden City colony overhead, allowing Jimmy to pinpoint the entrance as he climbed. He could smell burning wax on a fetid wind.

He had stopped to ask directions from the tattooed and scarified street punk tending to the pyramids of candles illuminating the starwalk shrine a half block away, on 7th near Harrison. The intricate silvered face of the fully restored Treasure Island tower rose over silhouetted trees on ink-black Yerba Buena Island. Three new, obsidian-black antimissile and antiaircraft launch rings girded the ultimate gated community for the super wealthy.

“Harrison and Sherman, westside entrance,” the punk had said. “Third cocoon on the left, after the turn.”

He fit in the earplugs, and had both the gun and tranquilizer quickshot drawn and ready before stepping into squatter territory. Unfortunately, everything was twists and turns in this slinky, unsteady hallway. He arbitrarily picked a sharper turn in the labyrinth, then counted down. He took a deep breath and slammed through the clinging door flap.

A beefy young man with long, stringy hair sat in his underwear amidst scattered garbage, smoking a pipe.

“Hey, man, you got no right busting in here,” he said, getting easily to his feet. Jimmy noticed a robe embossed with the Casino’s logo on the habitat webbing’s undulating floor.

“Where’s Angel Cakes?” Jimmy jerked his gun with one hand and yanked out an earplug with the other, still crouching, because the ever-shifting floor wouldn’t permit a defensive stance. “Angela Katherine Steele?”

“I didn’t invite you,” the kid shouted, brandishing the pipe as he took a step. With the build of a wrestler, he had ten centimeters and fifty kilos on Jimmy. “Man, you better just leave. Now!”

The pungent eucalyptus smell, the violent flush in the young man’s cheeks, his swollen, unfocused eyes—they all indicated the kid’s thelema addiction. The drug produced feelings of excessive confidence, if not invulnerability. Jimmy knew the kid would feel neither pain nor fear, so when the kid took another step toward him, Jimmy shot him in the left leg. He’d aimed for and hit the meaty part of the thigh.

“Whyth’helldidjadothat?” The kid fell, and laughed.

Jimmy grabbed him, threw a chokehold around his neck, and jammed the gun against his right temple.

“Angie,” he demanded. “Angel Cakes.”

“Long gone, man.” The young man giggled. Blood splattered on the webbing. “Hey man, lighten up. She ain’t going back to the God Hive. She left for the Free City ages ago.”

“Palm Springs?”

“Got it, man.” The kid chortled. “If you’re going after her, better beware. She got a black widow mouth.”

The kid laughed hysterically. Jimmy dumped him and crawled out the way he had come. He called 911 on his audio skein to report the shooting, uncertain anyone would respond.


One of the novel’s subthemes is what I started this speech with; the importance of maps to the plot. The two main characters use digital maps that figure into their separate stories, and there is a long article on the problems of mapping the galaxy as one of my Interstitial Materials.

Mapping prior to the modern era was more about mythology than about accuracy. It was more about human or divine importance than quantitative distance. Maps came with the warning that “here be dragons” or more classically “here are lions” in the dangerous, unexplored, and uncharted territories depicted. With the rise of Renaissance perspective signaling the objectification and quantification of space as a beginning of the transition to the modern world of capitalism and nation-states, the groundbreaking cartographic techniques of Gerardus Mercator could be anticipated. Mercator’s projection enabled him to overlay an accurate grid of straight lines across his maps with mathematical precision, allowing him to draw a line of bearing across the surface of a flat plane represented by the map, a boon to imperial exploration and commercial navigation. Kingsley Amis once defined science fiction as “that class of prose narrative treating of a situation that could not arise in the world we know, but which is hypothesized on the basis of some innovation in science or technology, or pseudo-science or pseudo-technology, whether human or extra-terrestrial in origin.” The cross pollination of science and imagination, hinted at in Amis’s book “New Maps of Hell,” lets the science fiction writer like me reintroduce the dragons into my maps of the future.

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Constructing the 1% Free Book Cover

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on October 30, 2016

I found Jon Hunt through the “Hire An Illustrator” website. I was impressed by his online portfolio. (Here are Jon’s Facebook page and blog.) We exchanged emails, discussed the scope of the work, negotiated a payment, and finalized an agreement. I gave Jon the basic action tableau–male and female protagonists vs threatening alien–and he did some preliminary sketches:


In discussing these first sketches via email, Jon asked for more context to help him do his job. I sent him two longish excerpts of cyberpunk description from the book. After more correspondence, Jon produced this brilliant sketch:


The illustration was excellent, with a gritty mix of cyberpunk and Giger. Unfortunately the action depicted occurs in a Southern California-style Craftsman bungalow in the novel. More emails, and more sketches followed:


As the sequence of action sketches in the bungalow progressed, we dealt with picking the right fonts for the title. I’ve been told that a good title for a trade paperback needs to be visible from 15 feet away or more, but I also wanted it to be punk and distressed. The more distressed the better.


I liked the font “Bullet in Your Head” and Jon distressed it further. The last illustration is essentially the front cover. I’m afraid I badgered Jon with way too many minor corrections along the way, but the results are wonderful. Without the lettering, Jon’s illustration is a stunning science fiction poster:


Now, let’s go back to the cyberpunk sketch midpoint in this whole process:


I realized I had the potential for a back cover in this sketch, and I asked Jon to play around with it. He came up with the following, first in gray tones and then in colors to match the front cover in tone and mood. One sign in the grimy cityscape spells out “Gibsons” in a nice touch:


I now had what I needed; sharply drawn, gorgeously illustrated, hauntingly themed front and back covers which I then turned over to my book designer. He put them together to produce this book cover which made superb use of Jon’s back cover design to create a wraparound jacket with an integrated spine:


But the use of Jon’s captivating illustrations didn’t stop there. I needed a two-sided, full color publicity postcard to distribute around the Bay Area, and Jon came through once again:


That’s how the cover of my novel 1% Free was constructed. The book’s insides were another matter entirely.

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A Graphic History of Science Fiction

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on October 27, 2016

I have a book launch event for my novel 1% Free at 6 pm on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at the Book Passage Bookstore in the Ferry Building. My presentation will draw from the rich, complex history of science fiction, as depicted in this diagram drawn by Ward Shelley.

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New Maps of Hell: 2042 c.e.

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on October 1, 2016

These four maps depict part of the world in 2042 c.e., during the scope of my near-future science fiction novel, 1% Free. I’m reducing the three regional maps to fit into the larger North American map, which will then be one side of the presentation/swag for my Thursday, November 3, 6 pm Book Launch at the Book Passage Bookstore in the San Francisco Ferry Building.
img_01871) San Francisco
img_01882) Los Angeles
img_01893) Palm Springs
img_01904) North America

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September 28 Publication Date

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on September 26, 2016

My book, 1% Free, will be published on September 28, 2016. You can buy the Print On Demand book here from Barnes & Noble POD, and the ebook can be had at Barnes & Noble ebook. The physical book is $18.95 and the ebook is $13.99

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1% Free Book Launch & Reading

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on August 4, 2016

1%CoverYou are invited to the

book launch
for my near-future science fiction novel
Thursday, November 3
6 pm
Book Passage Bookstore
Ferry Building, San Francisco

I will read from my second novel, a near-future science fiction political thriller. Books will be available for purchase.

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Je suis Marxiste, tendance Groucho

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on June 9, 2016


grafitto, Paris 1968

marxism-groucho-marx1groucho-marxistharpo marxist1030



Chico, Zeppo, and Gummo were purged during the “Moscow on the Hudson” show trials.

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Home Decor

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on June 5, 2016

I’m a flâneur for enjoyment, a stroller of my city and other cities for pleasure. Both of these houses are in the Castro. This one is on 20th Street. These stylized mural geese remind me of Walter Van Der Heyden or Tom Killion in style.
Geese 1Geese 2Geese 3Geese 4

While this one is on 19th Street. The characters on these two steel strips are rendered in a turn-of-the-20th-century art nouveau style and represent various professionals of the day.
Steel 1Steel 2Steel 3Steel 4Steel 5Steel 6Steel 7Steel 8Steel 9

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My Media Empire

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 19, 2016

empire-state-building-digital-photo-contesty-NYDailyNewsBelow are links to my websites, blogs, facebook pages, instagram, and twitter for my personal, political, writer/author, promotional, and publishing posts.

My writer/author website G.A. Matiasz.
My personal blog Playing For Keeps.
My political blog What’s Left?.
My Facebook page GAMatiasz.
My writer Facebook page G.A. Matiasz.
My Instagram @gamatiasz.
My Goodreads GAMatiasz.
My Twitter GAMatiasz.
My publishing website 62 Mile Press.
My publishing Facebook page 62 Mile Press.
My publishing blog 62 Miles.

Some I use extensively, others I don’t use at all. Many are still under construction.

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GoodReads reviews

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 11, 2016

GoodReads Reviews

Jim Beckmann rated it it was amazing

Planning on re-reading this as all I really remember was that I really liked it. It will be interesting this time around to read a future history set in 2007. 9/12/13 Just finished it. Even better than I remember. So much going on in this story but it never gets confusing. What I liked most were the political commentaries of the main character. He was a peripheral member of the anti war movement till a chance encounter puts him in the middle of the action. Though this book comes from a left perspective, there is extensive critique of all manner of leftist ideologies and actions. He dissects the good from the bad in Marxist/Leninism, Anarchism, violence, non violence, consensus, etc. This book is so many things, a detective story, a future history, science fiction, and a commentary on politics, and relationships. Refreshing and rare to see an author so thoroughly take apart his side of the political fence. highly recommend this book.

Smiley McGrouchpants rated it it was amazing

G. A. Matiasz’s mini-opus covers an awful lot of ground in just over 200 pages; considering the ideological (as in: the thought patterns people subscribe to, and the divergences that occur when they try to put them into practice) and mechanics (who knew this much about computers who was writing fiction in ’97 — except Gibson, Sterling, and Shirley?) apparati which drive the people in this high-caliber work of speculative fiction, you wonder why so much other acclaimed stuff is, by comparison, so half-awake and lazy.

AK Press brought out a winner! Try and catch up. Be as surprised as I was.

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Amazon reviews

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 10, 2016

Amazon Reviews

Well-thought Out, Anarchist, Sci-Fi
By Britt A. Green on July 3, 2000
Format: Paperback

This author writes under the name of Lefty Hooligan for the stalwart punk zine, Maximum Rock-and-Roll. Enjoying his column, I eagerly bought this book when I found it in the catalogue of AK Press.

My money was really well spent. Make no mistake about this: “Lefty” gets his nickname because he is far to the left of Ralph Nader. Fans of Tom Clancy will probably not enjoy this. His politics are intertwined with an amazing story of a student uprising in the near future Bay Area.

Unlike a lot of far left literature, all of his characters are very human. The author never falls into the easy trap of using caricatures of people. Everyone is very believable, and even the government agents can be sympathetic.
Furthermore, Lefty is an incredibly intelligent and rational writer. His reasoning is very well thought out (both in terms of politics and story progression.) As hinted at above, this book is very pragmatic and realistic. It avoids the typical extremist idealism that permeates many other books of the genre.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good piece of anarchist literature. The fact that its somewhat sci-fi is a definate plus, as well! ….

A great piece of agit-prop
By Randall Barnhart on April 6, 2001
Format: Paperback

Yup, this is the greatest piece of anarchist agit-prop since…well, since forever. There is nothing better.

Having said that, let’s look at the book from the science fiction angle. Matiasz knows and effectively uses every tropism of modern SF to very good effect. The use of “other sources” to push the exposition, the plot devices (missing atomic weapons, a Hidden Hero, the idealistic young protagonist who, by learning, reveals all). Wonderful.

And even if Matiasz uses trops, he never, ever sinks to stereotypes. There are cops that, while trapped in the System, are also caring and real. And a lot of the comrades are also idiots and buttheads. Every character is real.

This book is nothing like the stuff so-called Libertarian SF. It is profoundly and wonderfully great.

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Q zine & Iven Lourie

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 9, 2016

“The plot is straight forward thriller-cum-cyberpunk … (I)t’s fast-paced and fun in the way only a fervent anarchist rant can be.”

Q zine


“End Time presents as an apocalyptic future-fiction, but exhibits all the characteristics of a realistic psychological novel… (Matiasz) extends current trends ingeniously to provide a context for characters winning their individual illuminations and liberations. … (H)is novel (as Marge Piercy did for my 60’s…) will bring the reader up to speed (or some approximation thereof) on contemporary anarchist ideas.”

Iven LourieInner Journeys

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TapRoot Reviews and Gene Splice

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 8, 2016

“Solidly-crafted thriller… Provocative political discussion and ‘what if’s’ raise the book’s intellectual value without spoiling it as a good read.”

TapRoot Reviews

Gene Splice

“End Time: Notes On The Apocalypse is a very good book of future fiction, bordering on science fiction. … (It’s) a fun book to read … Thick, chunky and tasty… Well done, and well worth reading.”

“Cookie” MahoneyGene Splice

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In solidarity with Illma Gore

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on May 7, 2016

In solidarity with the artist Illma Gore.


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