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Archive for the ‘shoreline 125 thousand years ago’ Category

What was, what will be, part 2

Posted by G.A. Matiasz on November 13, 2013

A while back, I did a post called “What was, what will be,” about San Francisco’s changing coastline. This updating explores what might happen if all the ice in the world melts due to global warming, sea levels continue to rise to their limits, and the San Francisco peninsula becomes an archipelago, or worse.


The above GIF is from a website called BurritoJustice, which lays out a future fantasy in which sea levels gradually reach their maximum, and San Francisco is no more. In the interim, a much reduced San Francisco becomes a collection of densely populated islands serviced be ferries, bridges and tunnels. The fantasy is quite detailed, so please read it for yourself. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing (read appropriating) that websites various excellent graphics.

This fantasy is well wrought. The website even offers posters of these future topographies for sale. Extremely well done. They provide additional resources on maps of future sea rise, with a link to Urban Life Signs regarding a 25 foot sea level rise:
SF_TopoPoster_geoNames_25ft FLOOD Poster2 copy4SF Topo_25 foot flood
A link discussing higher sea levels 120,000 years ago, when SF Bay was 20 feet higher than today, and this link about how, 125,000 years ago, San Francisco was actually an island thanks to the Colma Strait. All pretty interesting.

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